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SCIENTIFIC R&D SDN BHD has the ability to produce quality standard products by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry. We are licensed by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department as a customs controlled area.

Our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure premium quality. Moldy and over bruised fruits are avoided to prevent potential contamination. Basic tests such as sugar level, pH and acidity are done to ensure that adequate quality is rendered and accepted.

Our factory is fully equipped with the latest technologies. Fermentation and storage vats are constructed with high grade stainless steel complete with cooling jackets that are connected to a temperature control system. Pre-bottling analysis and assessments are also carried out to enable us to achieve the right quality and consistency.

Bottling and labeling are then done by automated modern machines. These machines are made of steel alloys and food grade plastic materials which makes easy for cleaning, sterilization, vacuum corking and etc. Our production capacity is more than 100,000 bottles per month.

Sanitation is also very important in our production process. We have an established sanitation program which is periodically monitored for its effectiveness. For example, water that is used to rinse and clean tanks and equipment is also monitored to ensure quality. Deionised ( DI ) water is in place to eliminate or substantially reduce wide arrays of contaminants.

Our complete and accurate record keeping and laboratory testings, with the help of GS1 system, enables us to achieve successful wine quality control program.

We also utilize the services of external Laboratory such as PERMULAB SDN BHD ( ) to consistently test and advise SCIENTIFIC R&D on matters relating to hygienic production processes.

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