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Established in 1994, SCIENTIFIC R&D SDN BHD is one of the very few leading experienced producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Malaysia. SCIENTIFIC R&D SDN BHD has been consistently recognized as a highly reliable, competitively priced and service driven producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages.

SCIENTIFIC R&D SDN BHD specializes in manufacturing and marketing a broad variety of high quality unique liquors such as tropical fruit wine, Roselle wine, wine cooler, coco cabana, red and white grape wine, tropical fruit vinegar and many more. Our products are made based on knowledge about the products of nature and traditional well-established recipes combined with modern technologies that comply with the demands of environmental cleanliness and high quality assurance to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Quality and consistency are our primary objectives when crafting our wines.

SCIENTIFIC R&D SDN BHD is also a member of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and GS1 which is an international body that develops and promotes GS1 standards of article numbering, bar coding and electronic communication worldwide. We use GS1 system to achieve the required levels of traceability and food safety. This enables us to provide accurate information concerning our products and ensure that our products are safe for consumption.

Our success is mainly driven by our innovative culture and passion for making awesome liquors and creating great brands. We will continue to develop new products based on research and imagination.

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